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My Small Loli Wardrobe

I'm a beginner, but i'm working on getting up my collection.  I've been into Loli for about 5 years, but only started collecting since last May.  Follow the cut for my small collection!

My Small ClosetCollapse )

Far East Movement!!!
Yeah, i've become a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE fan of Far East Movement.  What can I say, they're awesome singers, and they're really great guys.  Anyway, if you haven't already, you should definitely go vote for them on MTV's Top Songs of 2010 poll:

G6 is a great song, it defintely deserves to win!  Dont let Kanye and his wanna be cool nasty rap win!!!

Special Super Junior Survey Day 1

Day 1: Your ultimate bias
Day 2: Your favorite OTP
Day 3: Your favorite Sub-group
Day 4: Your favorite SJ Song
Day 5: Your favorite SJ-T song
Day 6: Your favorite SJ-M song
Day 7: Your favorite SJ-H song 
Day 8: Your favorite SJ-K.R.Y. song 
Day 9: Your favorite song that was sung on a live performance
Day 10: Your favorite album 
Day 11: Your favorite MV
Day 12: A SJ song you know all the words to 
Day 13: A SJ song that makes you cry
Day 14: A SJ song that makes you smile 
Day 15: A SJ song that reminds you of the missing 3
Day 16: The very first SJ song that you’ve ever heard
Day 17: A picture of your favorite SJ-subgroup
Day 18: A picture of the member you think has the cutest smile 
Day 19: A picture of the member you think is overrated 
Day 20: A picture of the member you think is underrated 
Day 21: A picture of the member you think has the best “engrish” 
Day 22: A picture of the member you think has the best jawline
Day 23: Your favorite picture of your bias 
Day 24: Your favorite SJ picture
Day 25: Your favorite SJ show
Day 26: Your favorite dance
Day 27: Your ideal boyfriend out of all the SJ members
Day 28: Your favorite SJ interview
Day 29: A SJ song you never get tired of 
Day 30: Your favorite radio show that is hosted by a SJ member

argh, so hard to figure this one out!!!  But it's a tie between Henry, Kyuhyun, and Leeteuk.  But after thinking it out, i've got it.  I just cant live without Mochi.


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